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Business is booming throughout France’s many major urban centers, but the city’s businesses has a lot to do to catch their workforce up with the skills gap.

Where is the demand coming from?


France, along with a bunch of other European countries, is currently experiencing heavy waves of immigration, which means cities are gaining residents, new businesses are being built, and the level of opportunity is increasing for everyone.

So, what’s the problem?

Well, as is the case with any large scale immigration, there is a period of time during and immediately after where the communities experience some growing pains and people move into and build up cities that might not have the current capacity for the population levels.

For instance, infrastructure will need to be rebuilt and modernized to meet new traffic flows and demand. This means that there is a great demand for constructions workers and other skilled labor, which may or may exist at any given point in time.

This means projects might go undone for months until construction firms can be hired to come into the city and get things done, which may be significantly longer than if they had enough local workers.

Professional Jobs in Need of Training

Skilled labor jobs are only one of the variables at play when a city is experiencing large scale growth. Not only does a city need construction workers, welders, engineers, architects, etc., but as larger firms start locating in the urban centers, they need professional workers to fill their offices and move to the area.

This is another growing problem as many people don’t have the necessary education levels to fill these positions, which is especially problematic for employers because these are very high paying jobs that are going unfilled for no other reason than no one meets the qualifications.

In an effort to alleviate some of these problems, different hiring firms are giving employees train the trainer programs to help give them the skills that they need to fill these positions and fill these high paying jobs.

This is a great program that anyone who currently works an office job can take advantage of. They just need to pay a small fee, show up, participate, and pass an exam for certification at the end. It really is a good too, because train the trainer certifications are much more expensive than they costs of these classes. That is how desperate these employers are to get qualified employees.

What is a train the trainer? It’s a type of workplace professional that specializes in inter-employee relations to maximize workflow productivity. These people might be a corporate training professional or they might act as a neutral corporate facilitator to resolve conflicts between employees.

This type of working knowledge is essential in the modern workplace, and it’s something that France really needs right now.

It’s just great to see so many business professionals looking out for their city and their community by providing these kinds of classes and this kind of training to help give people a head start and get them better paying jobs.

We could use a little bit more of that in the business community.

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